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EB1 获准案例 (引用纪录<50) EB1/NIW 获准案例 (申请时间<30 天)
3422 2017-03-23 17:53:15
PhD student

My EB1A got accepted in 14 days from NSC. It is great news for myself and my family. I first contacted them with a big question of "Am I eligible for EB1A?". The answer being YES came as a big surprise. I also received advise to strengthen my application before submission. The Approval or Refund policy gives peace of mind while nervously waiting for the result of the application. All my answers were responded in a timely, professional and complete manner. The petition letter was exceptional; I didn't even know that my research had so much impact. The petition package itself was prepared with utmost accuracy and they made sure that each and every component of petition letter had sufficient documentation. I very strongly recommended WeGreened for anyone applying for EB1A I-140.
3421 2017-03-22 11:50:30
Asst Research Scientist

North America Immigration Law Group are professional immigration lawyers and they offered me the "Approval or Refund" service. My EB1A approved in 3 & 3/4 months (around 2 weeks after PP). The attorneys are very professionals and they prepared my I140 application in a wonderful way. They are very confident about my I140 application. During the course of application preparation, they responded all my queries in a professional way and i used to get a response within 24 hrs. I was so happy that i chose Chen immigration for my I140 application. I strongly recommend North America Immigration Law Group to anyone consider the Greencard.
3420 2017-03-22 01:25:55
Staff Scientist

My first EB1B I-140 got a NOID in 2015 because of our institute's attorney who did a very bad job. I soon realized how important it is to have a good immigration attorney. So, I contacted "North America Immigration Law group " a.k.a Chen associates who are one of the best in this business in 2016. In spite of my first denial, based on my credentials I was given a approve or refund offer. I first filed in the EB1A and got an RFE. The officer handling my case had a history of denying strong candidates on very flimsy grounds . Because of the expertise and professional acumen of Chen Associates, I was advised to refile in the EB1B category. I was very fortunate that my employer agreed and to top it, I was able to retain Chen associates. They honored the agreement and I paid nothing for refiling except the premium processing fee. They did a very thorough and wonderful job. In fact, the international office director complimented me for the excellent petition letter that was drafted by Chen associates. My case was approved approved within 1 week of premium processing request. I will definitely refer my friends to the "North America Immigration Law group".
3419 2017-03-16 23:17:06
Post-Doctoral Associate

My EB1A I-140 petition with Premium Processing got approved in 9 days. Thanks so much for their professional and efficient service. I will strongly recommend "North America Immigration Law group".
3418 2017-03-16 11:34:42
Process Engineer

My Heartfelt thanks to Chen immigration law group.
Firstly, when O approached them by e-mail for initial evaluation, I was thinking of applying for EB-2 NIW but after reviewing my CV and Google scholar citations, they told me that I have bright chance to get approval in EB-1A in case if I consider it. I couldn't believe it and told them I don't have enough confidence. After that, they offered me approval or refund if I complete 15 reviews. Their encouragement meant a lot to me and finished reviewing 19 articles in 3 months.
Their drafting is extraordinary and when I saw my petition letter the first time, I was astonished looking at details I don't know about the impact of my research and ranking in google scholar. Overall, my experience with them was fantastic and impeccable. I already recommended them to four of my friends for EB-1A/EB-2NIW. I will be very much grateful to them forever!
3417 2017-03-15 13:32:22
University of Washington
Research Associate

Thanks to Chen immigration law group for my I-140 approval. It took 13days by PP. I came to know Chen group from one of my friend. Together we prepared Petition letter strong by doing several revisions. Chen group is good at what to keep what to not in petition letter. They created exhibits to petition letter make it strong and easy to understand Immigration Officer.
My case was proved that "Chen group is good at making I-140 for science back ground people".
I can recommend Chen group to others.
Rao (Research Associate)
3416 2017-03-09 16:46:43

Got my EB1A I-140 approved in just 10 days after filing the petition (PP). Chen immigration associates were thorough, patient and professional throughout. Very prompt with their responses to all my queries. The petition letter they drafted was well organized with the right balance of science/technical and law/immigration language - something that I could've never written on my own. Very happy and satisfied with the whole process. Highly recommend them. Thank you NAmILG!
3415 2017-03-07 21:11:50
Cancer Researcher

I would strongly recommend anyone for filing their I-140 EB1A petition with Chen Immigration Law Associates (North America Immigration Law Group). I found their “free evaluation” of credentials to apply for I-140 EB1A petition very motivating as their success rate is simply the best. Ms. Victoria Chen is highly professional and she has answered all of my queries very promptly from the beginning. After a careful evaluation, they offered me the "Approval or Refund" service which means if my EB1A petition is denied, the attorney fee will be refunded. Working with Chen’s team is equally very smooth. Her team members are also very professional as well as careful and they go through every minute details of my case and respond to the queries within 24 hour. I am extremely happy with the whole process and the importance and care given to draft my petition and other supporting documents. My case is now approved within just 9 working days. Thank you North America Immigration Law Group.
3414 2017-03-06 17:11:54
Texas A&M University
Assistant Research Scientist

People always say it is you that know yourself better than anyone else, when you has such a question whether to choose a lawyer for immigration affairs or not. That's true. But Chen immigration law group knows the immigration affair better than others, to the best of my knowledge. With their excellent professional work, I, as well as my current colleague, and my previous lab mate, succeeded in getting approval of the I140 petition in eb1a. Accordingly, I strongly recommend Chen Immigration Law Group.
3413 2017-03-06 15:24:28
PhD student

I am glad to know that my EB-1A I-140 is approved. I strongly recommend anyone for filing their EB-1A petition through wegreened.com, I had a very pleasant experience with them.