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3901 2018-05-24 23:04:58
Electrical Engineer

Thanks to chen group, my I-140 application just approved only about five months. I am so happy that I worked with Chen Immogration Law Group. They are really professional, well organized and easy to follow. They always read my massage carefully and gave me best answers in a timely manner. I will recommend them to all of my friend who is thinking of getting an EB2-NIW petition. I will also retain my I-485 petition with them. Thanks.
3900 2018-05-24 19:03:37
Senior Engineer

I just received my I-140 approval notice almost 5.5 months after it was filed.
Chen group has been professional and responsive to all of my inquiries. They have a strategic approach in filing I-140 petitions. My friends and I do believe that as of now they are the best immigration law firm out there that deals with NIW.

Thanks again for your endeavors and support.
3899 2018-05-24 16:46:15
Ohio State University

I just received my EB-2 NIW approval after 5 months. It has been a pleasure working with Chen Immigration Law Group for my petition. I deeply appreciate their professional service. First, the initial evaluation made me more confident in my application. In the document preparation, they provided clear and lucid steps to follow. And I really like the team that read my massage carefully and provide me with comprehensive answers within 24 hours. I also retained them for my I-485 application. The experience I had with them is satisfied and impressive and I would strongly recommend Chen Immigration. Thank you to the whole team.
3898 2018-05-21 23:26:23
Senior Electrical Engineer

Thank you for your exceptional services at Chen immigration. I got my i-140 petition approved under EB1A in April 2018 from NSC. Honestly at the time of my application i did not think I can make it. But the excellent support from Chen Immigration and their timely help made it possible.

I am really grateful to the high level of expertise that the attorneys at Chen immigration has shown in preparing my case. I would very strongly recommend their services. I have already referred several of my friends to them and will keep referring them in the future.

After the success with my i-140 petition, I am also working with Chen immigration for i-485 as well.

Thank you very much for your excellent services !!!
3897 2018-05-21 15:35:48
Graduate Student

It has been a pleasure working with Chen Immigration Law Group for my EB2-NIW petitions. I found their service to be efficient, professional and comprehensive in their work. I appreciate the time they put on applications and communicating the details in a timely manner. I have already recommended them to my friends and will do in the future!
3896 2018-05-21 10:11:49
Assistant Professor (Physician)

It has been a pleasure working with Ms. Chen's team for my EB2 NIW and EB1A petitions. I found them to be professional very thorough and comprehensive in their approach. I appreciated their attention to detail and responsiveness during the entire process. I have recommended them to friends and will continue to do so.
3895 2018-05-20 09:21:58
University of Illinois at Chicago
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Thank you for the excellent service. My experience with Chen Immigration is extremely satisfying. They are highly professional and always provided me constructive suggestion in every steps of my application. I highly recommend Chen to those who need help in getting green card.
3894 2018-05-17 01:56:07
Postdoctoral Associate

I deeply appreciate what North America Immigration Law Group (NAmILG) has been done for my I-140 petition. The initial evaluation made me more confident in my application. in the document preparation, they provided straightforward and clear steps to follow. With their expertise and excellent service, my application seems much easier than I expected. Again, thank NAmILG very much for helping my I-140 petition, and of course, I highly recommend NAmILG for anyone who plans to prepare immigration to the States.
3893 2018-05-15 21:52:15
Washington University Saint Louis

My I-140 application just approved.It took about five months. Thanks to chen group.I am so happy that I pickeded Chen Immogration Law Group. That are really professional and responsive. Every single step in preparing the I-140 petition including the petition itself, the recommendations letters,.. are very well organized and easy to follow.
I like that the team always read your massage carefully and provide you with the comprehensive and best answers not just after you retained them but from the very first beginging that you just contact them through your email.
I just can say that they are really expert and that are throughly know what are thay doing.
I will recommend them to all of my friend who is thinking of getting a green card through EB 1 and/or EB2.
I also appreciate their service because I and my husbandhad an crazy experience with Abravani law group for Canada skill worker green card application. It was really frustrating and after 5 years, my husband had to widraw his application.
Citations: 780
Field: Renewable Energy
Review: 16
No of. Papers including conferences: 42
3892 2018-05-15 11:28:18
Ohio State University

NAmILG and the Chen group did an impressive and professional job on my EB1A case. The recommendation letters and petition letters are written in time and beautifully, even though I requested expedition due to the recent retrogression.

My area is computational materials science, and they could understand and properly rephrase all the technical details of my work based on the "Summary of Contributions" I wrote. The also did a good job to divide my work into multiple recommending letters. I suppose all these played an important role for the approval of my I-140 petition.

Even though they did reply my messages within 24 hours, I don't see this as an important reason for choosing them, but rather the professionalism of this company. I chose them because I believed they could help with my case get approved, and they did.

A brief review of my case:
Area: Computational materials science
Publications: 10 (3 first-author)
Citations: ~400
Reviewing records: 11