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4479 2019-09-03 18:57:37
QC-R&D Chemist
It has been a pleasure to work with Chen Immigration firm on my I-140. They was thorough, professional and diligent in making my petition as good as one possibly can be. After several months, I received an RFE but it was not because of the error in petition preparation. The RFE only further proved how amazing they are at this type of work since they had promptly assisted me in respond to the RFE and I was able to obtain the approval one week later. Highly recommend to those who are serious about immigration petitions.
4478 2019-09-03 17:17:37
I was in medical training on an H1B visa when I was contacting various law firms to explore NIW process. I had heard about Chen Immigration from a colleague who also had applied for an EB1 and got it approved. Chen Immigration provided the most reasonable quote for both I-140 and I-485 so I went with them. Throughout the whole process of preparing countless documents, the firm always provided close guidance, responded quickly to several questions, and even phone calls. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in applying for immigration as Chen Immigration is a group of seasoned experts. I also recommended them to a family member who also got their NIW approved, and another friend who also got their NIW approved. Pretty much everyone I personally know who applied through Chen immigration had a great and successful experience. I like that everything can be done online and through mail.
4477 2019-09-03 12:07:38
New Jersey Institute of Technology
PhD candidate
I would like to thank you Chen Immigration Law group for helping me out from very beginning until approval of my I-140. They always get back to my questions withing a day, and that is amazing. I highly recommend them.
4476 2019-09-03 11:34:10
University of Connecticut
Postdoctoral reseach Associate
I am glad that I had a chance to work with Chen Immigration Law group for my NIW/EB2 application. They are very thorough, responsible and professional Law group and the recommendation letters they drafted for me are excellent. They responded to all my questions until the approval of my case from the beginning. I highly recommend them.
4475 2019-09-03 10:09:00
University of South Carolina
Instructor and Graduate Research Assistant
It's my pleasure to work with Chen Immigration Law group. They are very professional and wisely handled my case from the beginning until the approval of my I-140. Although it took more than usual time for my case to be approved (10.5 months), but they were always beside me during this whole period of long frustrating wait game. I highly recommend them.
4474 2019-09-02 17:59:53
Post doctoral fellow
I am so lucky to get into contact with the Chen attorney group (NAILG). I have filed my EB2-NIW case by taking the help from Chen group (Approval/Refund basis) and recently, the case was approved in 7.5 months without any RFE. The Chen group are very responsible while checking the documentation and will promptly reply to our requests within 24 h. Definitely, I will recommend this group of attorney's to others.
4473 2019-09-02 12:50:41
What an incredible law firm. Their responsiveness, helpfulness and experience in obtaining NIW for medical professionals is second to none. They have helped me and countless colleagues obtain our EB2s. They are professional and I couldn’t recommend them more highly!
4472 2019-08-31 11:39:13
Thomas Jefferson University
I deeply appreciate Attorney Chen and her team for their professional, efficient and excellent work, quick responses and patience during communications, and careful considerations during the whole process. I strongly recommend this law firm to researchers who plan to submit EB1 petition.
4471 2019-08-30 15:14:46
University of Maryland
Postdoc Researcher
I just got approved I-140. The petition and the recommendation letters were well drafted. I highly recommend Chen Immigration Law Firm. They are the best Period.
4470 2019-08-30 14:29:00
Chen immigration is very thorough and prompt in preparing my case.They have perfect understanding of EB1 applications. I strongly recommend contacting chen immigration to any physicians who are thinking about applying for EB1 green card application.